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3 Reasons Why You Continue To Suck At Golf

3 Reasons Why You Continue To Suck At Golf

We all know that golf isn't the easiet sport. Everyone who has played the game knows that, but if you want to improve on golf, then you should probably read this.

This blog isn't meant for everyone. If you just go out once or twice a year and play in your friends or a company scrable - go for it. But, if it's time to make a commitment to get better at golf then this blog is for you.

Well, lets say here are 3 ways to help you get "less-sucky" at golf.

1. You Are Not Committed

If you’re not committed to improving your game it’s not likely to happen. What is a commitment? It’s simply a decision you make. In your mind it’s kind of a zero-sum game. This WILL happen. It’s like getting to the airport. You commit to being on that plane on time because you paid for it and you have a place you need to get to. Quite simple actually.

When you put something into “committed” part of your brain, things start to happen. It’s no longer about external feelings or circumstances or anything like that. It’s what needs to be done.

If you have to practice in the rain or stay until (or any number of other things) it’s dark then you’ll do it – because you’re committed to improving your game. You’re “coming from” a place of commitment internally. It’s a new paradigm. It’s the resolve, “I’m finally resolved to get this swing flaw fixed. This is it. No fooling around this time.” However, with the Optishot 2 you will no longer have excuses not to practice being due to bad weather, and being too dark outside. Simply install the Optishot 2 wherever you desire; it can be your garage or even your extra spare room that you have left empty for nobody.

Keep in mind, commitment doesn’t always work perfectly. Sometimes you will slide but commitment involves starting over. Again and again. Over time, you’ll be amazed at how far you’ve traveled in your progress.

2. You Don’t Practice

Let’s face it – you have to practice if you want to become better. I’m not sure why this often comes as a shock to people. If you ask a friend, colleague etc. about what they want to get better at – and it could be anything (golf, public speaking, a new programming language, etc.) – and then ask them, “What is your practice for that?” they might look at you like you have two martian antennae poking out of your head.

Most of the time I would venture to guess that there is no structure to your practice. Once you have a structure then it becomes much easier. By structure I mean you have planned or made an appointment with yourself (just like a Dentist appointment, etc.) that you will, for example, practice 4x this week for 1.5 hours each session.

So that’s the first step, making an appointment with yourself. Next, you need to know *specifically* what to practice. You’re not going to the range to just pound a couple buckets of balls or chat it up with anyone who walks by, you’re going there to work on those specific things by practicing.

For me I have set up Optishot 2 with 3 Simulator Packages, and easily practied at home with no embarrassment sucking at golf since I was practicing at my garage. I would really recommand to get this system setup which will really help you be focused in your practice session, and to follow the appointment made with yourself.

3. It’s a Process

Realize that getting better at anything will cause some kind of disruption in your system. Meaning you’re trying to ingrain new patterns – and that takes time.

You’re going to hit a lot of bad golf shots but you need to know that’s part of the process. One thing that really helped me is the Optishot 2 Packages mentioned above letting me practice everyday at home not worrying about the environement.

What that means is you’re not going to care much at all where the ball goes. I mean you don’t want to be hitting people on the range but you’re goal is to be focused on you’re swing mechanic and not so much the ball.

It will take a lot of self-discipline to accomplish (especially when people around you are hitting these, beautiful, crisp shots) this but you want to feel like you followed your plan for this session and you accomplished what you intended to accomplish. Feel good about that! Knowing that (at some point) the tide will begin to turn.

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